A special Eco-dyeing children's workshop &  felted butterfly making activity will be offered for young children (up to 8 years).

Children are welcome to come & celebrate our wonderful Native Eltham Copper Butterfly with a story-telling presentation of an original prop story of the Little Copper Caterpillar.

Children will have the opportunity to make their very own Eco–Dyed Copper Butterfly! 


Join me in an immersive Nature Wet Fibre experience. 

I fell in love with wet felting the moment I touched its soft slippery fibres beneath my hands. I was fascinated by the symbiosis taking place before me; an alchemy of life force, friction and timing to create something beautiful, warm and comforting. 

My love of working in and with nature has guided my practice. I explore natural materials to enhance the connection I have for our natural environment and recognition of place and self.

Over my 18 year love affair with felting,  I  have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in working with wool fibres and using natural materials to authenticate one’s inner creative experience through the felting process. 

This practice is extremely tactile, meditative and connective. It is a spontaneous and joyful experience which will likely have you hooked on felting for years to come. My vision is to gather together in unison and work on an individual Nature Felt piece in order to make an offering; to fuse together, in joyful collaboration, a larger collective creative work. 


Through my bush work I have come to appreciate nature's changing experiences and draw from the inspiration mineral plants animals and the seasons offer us all.

Nature is a great teacher, from dramatic seasonal transitions to intricate subtleties. 

Through my love of nature and love of children, I have come to appreciate  the wild  wisdom that offers a constant connection to something bigger in the midst of our busy existence.   

Murrun Bap Djaa – Living Mother Country is all knowing. Everything is interconnected and interwoven in an intricate dance of adaptation and uncertainty. It has a restorative, healing power like no other.

Country can enhance our sense of spiritual place and rejuvenate our senses in a moment. Nature is always ready to offer us something, to encourage us to quieten, to simplify, to wait, to give, to strengthen, to relate, to unlearn... 

Our Nature immersive day will involve nature meditations; simple practices inspired by our local box ironbark forest .

A walking  meditation, connecting to land and water. A simple bush skill and fire craft session to express our connection to mother earth and the elements we are drawn from.